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My name is Heather Manwaring, and I am passionate about art, photography, and people--inspiring others to be true to and love themselves as they are. All three of those things come together for me when I'm behind my camera. Scroll down to see how ;)
The thing I love most about photography, is that I have the honor of watching someone transform right in front of my eyes; going from someone who feels insecure into someone who feels stronger, more confident, and more comfortable in their own skin. I'm profoundly interested in empowering people; to allow them the space to be themselves and bring more of who they truly are to the table.
For special occasions or requests, please send me a private message and we'll figure out a plan and price that works for everyone involved.
Jamie Brown
Working with Heather was very natural. She makes you feel strong and empowered. A true artist, she studies each angle before she snaps a shot, and every shot is a beautiful frame. I had never done a lingerie shoot before, and I was nervous that I would look stiff. Heather made me look magical! She brought out the artistry in me!
Chelsea Watts
In more than a decade of professional modeling and acting, Heather Manwaring is one of a select few photographers to capture my unique essence in a photograph, and the experience was transformational. She created a space where I felt free to let my walls down and just be myself. Rather than feeling watched by the camera, I felt that Heather and I were in a beautiful dance and the camera just happened to be there. The results are stunning and among my favorite photos to date. Thank you Heather for creating an experience with me where the beauty of all of me could shine through.
Mairead Murphy
Working with Heather was so new to me. I had never done any sort of photoshoot before, never mind one that exposes me so entirely. I had expected to feel bare, shy, even a little silly. But Heather put me at my ease right away. Her level of professionalism allowed me to feel comfortable, powerful and beautiful. We chatted and laughed throughout–it felt completely natural. I left feeling confident and grateful to Heather for allowing me to work with her.
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